The Story Praying Hands Clip Art

Why Praying Hands Clip Art?

There’s nothing more beautiful than seeing an idea being born; to birth a beautiful thought in the mind and see it realized by your own hand. To nurture it, cherish it and watch it grow. Praying Hands Clipart is one such idea. Praying Hands was born out of a simple desire, a dream, to create and share a repository of the purest of images that evoke a sense of deep prayer, humility and beauty. Each and every one of us has an inherent goodness, and however terrible the outward appearances may seem, we all become one in prayer. The simple image of hands in prayer is evocative of this goodness and has become one of the most powerful and moving images there is, and must be shared.

Praying Hands Clip Art Image

This is Praying Hands Clip Art singular vision and the reason why it exists. There are hundreds of free images designed specifically for those who serve others. Our mission is to provide the space and an ideal platform for the community to contribute their praying hands design ideas to, while also extending custom design services to those looking to create specific images for both personal and commercial use.

The Challenges

It was an initial exhaustive but elusive search for Praying Hands images that prompted me to start Praying Hands Clipart. I realized that the biggest challenge facing me was the complete lack of a praying hands collection. There was no easy way to find images that were easy to incorporate into brochures, newsletters, presentation slides and other church publications. What was even more challenging was to find one designed for my own specific usage. This prompted me to find a designer who shared similar faith and ideology and we set out to create a gallery of praying hands.

While Praying Hands Clip Art strives to give you a large choice of images, we are very open to suggestions in both design and layout. Everyone are welcomed to contribute with their constructive feedback or their own artwork. Thank you again for all your support. Without you, this project will not be successful.